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Age: 23
Name: LuChunnia Braggs
Location: Kansas
Occupation: Aspiring Poet
Favorite Poet: I have many poets that I can call favorite... But the one that encouraged me to write is but of course the great Maya Angelou.






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It all started when I was able to distinguish words�my poetry that is� Growing up in Houston, TX and parts of Arkansas, I saw different reasons to encourage myself to stay out of mischief. Sports, cheerleading and dance kept me pretty active but it did not complete me. I then turned to a relationship that ended with hurt, stress and low self-esteem. One day, I looked at my two kids from the relationship and the sight of them made me want to show an example of a strong black woman getting a blessing from God to use her past and pursue her passion which also gives her a piece of mind.

With encouragement from close friends and family I picked up my pen and paper and exposed my feelings on different aspects of life. At that moment I discovered my passion had never left, it was held back and knocked down by the negative people in my life. My dedications go to God first and foremost for blessing me and leading me though my trials. Also for two people whom one paid for my copyrights and the other who would sit on the phone with me for long hours flipping through the dictionary looking up words I was unsure about. I love you both for being involved with my Art form. And also Mr. Africa for creating a way for people to expose their talents and share the thoughts that come from the inner-self.

Hopefully my poetry will uplift and encourage people to READ IN BETWEEN THE LINES of life and to find the truth in their hearts and minds.


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Can I Take You There?

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"i have a flow in my storm...
the wind blowing are my words...sudden....
but my statements roar as though
they and thunder ...
the echo of a loud statement...
a tornado cloud that cant be ignored..."

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